Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

What about medium-sized businesses? Medium sized businesses do not have it any easier. Sure, they might have a little more when it comes to resources, but not that much.

Whatever the struggles that they go through, small-to-medium sized businesses or SMB’s are gaining in prominence. They make up a whopping 99.7% of all businesses in the United States, after all. New SMBs are also being established on a regular basis.

So how do they deal with the ups and downs and emerge as one of those that last and succeed?

The antidote is SMB marketing. This is a term that refers to the method by which small and medium sized companies market their products. Obviously, they try to do it using a conservative budget, and they are constantly on the lookout for low-cost ways to convert and get sales.

Here are 10 proven SMB marketing strategies that will help push your brand while you save.

Setting a Goal and a Budget

What do you really want to happen? Are you looking to expand your company’s reach, or do you want to strengthen your hold on the local market? Do you want people to become aware of your brand?

All these are valid goals, of course. But as you set the goal or goals that you want to accomplish, you also need to think about your budget. Your budget needs to be in sync with what your goals are. At the same time, it needs to be realistic and practical.

The thing is, your goals will not be relegated to just one or two. It is likely that you have several. To avoid confusion and to make it easier to track your growth, you have to prioritize your goals. Which goal matches your most pressing need? Identify that and focus on it first. Then you can set your sights on the long-term goals that you consider to be the most important for your business.

Maximize Google’s Local Offerings

You can also take advantage of Google’s local offerings. With Google being the largest search engine available, it can definitely offer a lot for small and medium-sized businesses. Having an online presence is a big boost to any SMB, which is almost always a local business. In fact, when you compare a business that is found online with one that is not, the one found online will grow 40% faster.

That makes a Google My Business account indispensable for an SMB. For a local business that targets local clients, this is a powerful tool. By having a Google My Business account, you can take charge of the information about your business. That includes address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

Google My Business is also the best place for you to combine all your Google platforms, which include your Google reviews, Google Maps profile, and many more. By having a Google My Business account, your business becomes more credible and more visible to consumers.


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